"If I were to be so bold, I’d ask you to hold my heart in your hand, and tell you from the start how I long to be your man."

- If it kills me.

my idiotic sister is idiotic. she tells me the girls i think are pretty are not pretty because they’re so conventionally so. retarded thought by the way. if i keep looking out for unconventional pretty wouldn’t i eventually still not think that person is pretty? which makes me think she’s retarded. which im not sure she’s not. im using so many double negatives here because im not sure i dont like to.

ah whatever. super short post. about the retardation of my sister. 

peace. not to my sis.


i was just thinking that every unselfish person in the world would say world peace if we were given a wish, or 3. whichever. but really, one of the biggest conditions for world peace is equality. and the only solution for equality is like, to make us all mindless unthinking creatures. but then of course that equality wouldnt last long cos someone like MM lee would assume the position of leader, and the cycle starts from one again. either that, or some dictator person changes this into 1984. whichever. all of which cant be considered peaceful anyway. paradoxical and madly silly. i still harbour the hope that world peace is possible though. either that, or world peace isnt necessary to make people happy. and happy is what counts. much more than world-wide acclaimed peace. as the ah beng and ah lian couple would say, wait long long.

yeah. i think its best to say that world peace is not vital. but it seems humans like striving for the completely extraded and unnecessary. like progress, and knowledge, and a girlfriend at 13. im just saying. but we need a purpose too right? if you really think about it, nothing is a real necessity. so purpose is what drives us to do things? and it just happens the human race is taking a wrong turn? i dont know. or maybe its passion? or survival instinct. what really drives us to do things? curiosity? im just dumping my thoughts, i realised. grr.

remember we used to study adaptivity in primary school, when we were so tiny and cute and innocent and overweight? yeah, its another thing. we keep saying that adaptivity is key to survival, and the reason why so many birds/insects/thingums are extinct is because they couldnt adapt. in all technicality though, do you think humans adapt at all? do we change to attack prey, fend of predator? or maybe just to get food? i dont really thing so. we are supposed to adapt to our environment, but we are making the freaking environment adapt to us. maybe mother nature’s wonderful big plan was destroyed cos what she created destroyed her? i think communication is the big problem here. my idea is that, humans started being able to communicate/talk, and therefore are able to congregate at places so we can mass produce. and some idiotic genius came up with the idea to build, or cut, or produce, or destroy or something, and we started eating the earth up. we’ll be the deaths of ourselves. if only we were never able to reproduce, then we’d be animals. or something.

i think i now believe in karma. its a really cool concept. i think. its like the real life version of maplestory. you gain exp by doing good :D and then you get paid back in skill, which you can in turn use to do GOOD :D i think karma has something about reincarnation. that if you have high karma you reincarnate into a human, and not an insect of something. but, what if, just what if, that reincarnation into a human is actually the bottom of the chain. i mean, not like it made a difference or anything. just wondering. thinking, yeah. and karma is cool. i keep wishing as hell i do all the good things and have all the good intentions man, so i can go and be an insect or something, escape. 

which brings me to another point. why does escape have such a negative connotation? 

i think im ranting. gosh, im sorry you had to read this pointless piece. 



"inspiration-less. motivation-less. aspiration-less. take away all the “-less”s luh, dumbass."

- me to me.

okay, let me establish my stand first. i dont like him, i dont hate him. im just gonna criticize culture. not him. calm down bev.

for starters, a big fat question would be, why hate him? just cos he could reach a note higher than you could’ve ever reached? jealous? well, that’s obviously not the case, because bandsingers like lead of boys like girls can go really high up too… not very nicely though. but anyway, it’s sad how we criticize him for something that some other dude (who has, btw, broken his voice (?)) can do too. its unfair. also, people think he cant sing… well, not untrue, but in case you haven’t noticed, a huge percentile of the bloody music industry cant carry half of a half of a tune. case in point, taylor swift. she cant sing live, she cant sing in recording studios, she probably cant even sing for her life. (im not sure, people do things, when desperate) what’s more, ALL HER SONGS SOUND THE SAME. even justin bieber varies his “baby”s and “one time”s. gosh, if you ask me who’s worse, i think you know the answer. but in case you hate him cos of some other reason, like herhas mushroom-ish hair, this does not apply to you. call him a girl, but so is half the world’s population.

and why like him? he cant sing (last time i checked), he cant dance (unless its in a bowling alley), and he cant hit high notes (cos his voice just broke). i think if he transposes his songs, he’ll make do, no? what’s more, his lyrics are pretty dumb. who wants to hear about your ever flourishing love life when almost everybody else’s is in shreds, or burning. its just ALMOST as unimaginative as “boom boom boom, even brighter than the moon moon moon” but of course, if these lyrics can make it to billboard, so can “baby” x20000. but rather, you should listen to things like jason mraz, who put smart twists with lyrics, and carry a nice melody. or james morrison, who brings sexy, back. with his voice, and not his face. or anything else. OR listen to things like oldies, cos it’d make you feel young (if you are) or nostalgic (if you’re old). you also make friends with adults better. 

back to bieber. i think all im trying to say is, pay less attention to those who make bad music, and stop giving them all the media. media needs some time to focus on the pathetic crumbs of REAL and GOOD music. cee lo, i’d prefer if you hit it to the top without the fword. but it’s a really nice song. some RnB would do our generation some good. 

off track. but im tired, so whattheheck.



"my life currently is like a sudoku puzzle with all the numbers filled in."

- gah!-ed up mind, cheem-o convo.

oh gosh, i think a half day of emo got me thinking about the fact that i really need more problems in my life. i think i really really need to have more problems to face. life is getting boring, no? 

ahh, but i really cant think of problems. why? cos studies are not a problem, im a pretty smart kid. girls are not a problem, im not gonna get a girl till jc. friends are not a problem, im a real good one. i never thought it’d be so hard finding problems.

really, i wish i could find a good problem to work on, its getting tiring. like an epic saga with no climax. not even a bump. but of course, every problem has a solution. i need a new environment. 

GOSH. this leads me to the conclusion that i want to migrate. but of course, its bloody difficult to find a time and finance to migrate. so heck, life will have to remain boring. it’s pretty hard, life i mean. to live without a problem to face. 

trying my freaking best to just not break down and cry, really. 

ahh, peace i guess?


GOSH. the freaking gossip girl thing is getting into my head. glitz and glamour appeals to me soooo much!!!

but of course, this post will not be about the drastic effects gossip girl has on a grown man like me :). title, title, why must you tell so much.

BLAKE LIVELY. is like, the cutest girl ever to appear on television. and she’s blonde, which is a very big plus point in my books. im materialistic, whatever. as long as im happy :D

anyway, people think she’s not so pretty, and has a random mole on her face. but totally not true. her mole is like where all her cute-ness is centered on, and she’s super pretty kay. esp when she’s not crying, and laughing. i like when people laugh.

and also, her face contorts in the cutest way, and im like smiling all the way when watching her do her happy stuff, cos she’s smiling, and that’s also a plus point, in case you missed. she has a very cute aura. ahh, cute girls are such pains.

and her hair is so wavey and nice, and its long. i like long hair. more is better, no? and her fashion sense on GG is totally cutesy and awesome. and it makes me feel like she’s young. which she isn’t. 23, if anyone asks. I DID NOT STALK.

ahh, but im not watching GG cos of her. GG is pretty good. she’s just a plus point. a HUGE plus point. gosh, i hope my sister doesn’t see this. i bet she’s still under the impression that im gay. which im not. 

she’s veryyyy cute.

but cute is overrated, no?

peace. :D


"it’s the imperfections that make one perfect in another’s eyes."

- my mouth.

gosh. i can’t understand why people say that glee music is not good, i mean seriously. maybe its auto tuned, but who cares. maybe they’re not making covers, but just re-singing the exact song but how does that make them sound bad-der than the original? its damn screwed up. i understand if you dont like rachel’s voice cos its too whole and pitch perfect, but not everyone gives that reason. dont just anyhow criticise. they sound good, and isn’t that the most important? 

i guess what im trying to say, is criticize when you have a good reason to do so, not when you just felt like a random spazz yeah?